Medical Translation

BMJ extract / cancer screening 723 words

Clinical guidelines 491 words

Public Health poster 599 words

Business Translation

Article on Heathrow expansion 522 words

Amazon Prime promotion 253 words

News Translation

Article about Bitcoin 282 words

Article about Theresa May 282 words

Literary Translation

Homecoming short story by jamie Grove - 810 words



Windsor Castle leaflet 219 words

Chicago cruise flyer 231 words

Scientific Translation

Planetary radar astronomy 219 words

Cosmos cartography 274 words

Technical Translation

Apple phone manual 570 words

Ikea instructions 495 words

Graphene research 369 words


Apple speaker slogan: le son, chez soi

Translator Without Borders

Breastfeeding information 334 words

Refugee asylum application proofreading 2566 words


Path / MQSUN+: Assessing the readiness of costing of a common results framework or National Nutrition Plan - Gender in multisectorial Nutrition Action Plans - 10564 words

Total number of translated / proofread words: 32297